Monday, January 31, 2011

Stevie's Pub

We started decorating Stephen's room at the NICU last week and we've slowly but surely been adding to the walls. I originally wanted to decorate with cute cut out letters and handmade decorations, but then realized that a) I am not crafty what-so-ever and b) it doesn't matter if things match or look cohesive. But then we started collecting sports paraphernalia from Grandma and Mimi and then I realized I had a bunch of other stuff at home too. And we've gotten some things from relatives and friends that I wanted to put up as well. We've got quite an eclectic bunch of things in his room; but mostly it's all sports related. So we started joking that his room is now a sports bar...better known as Stevie's Pub.

We actually had to move rooms on Sunday morning, so these pictures are actually from before his move. And today when I arrived, Dr. Baker had added his own touch to the decor by adding an LSU flag to the wall. We figure, the more the merrier (even though Stephen's mother will discourage him from attending any school other than Penn State) and the doctors and nurses are more than welcome to add their own touch to the walls! We love it!!

I'll have to take some more pics tonight of his valentine's day hearts and his new digs. On a different note, we've had some great cuddle time over the past couple of days and Stephen hit an all-time low weight (aside from his birth weight) of 4470 grams, which is right around 9 pounds 13 ounces. He looks great and is doing fantastic! They are weening his pain meds and antibiotics and he's holding steady for the time being. Which is fantastic!!


  1. So happy to hear this and I love Stevie's pub! x

  2. So happy you folks had some great "cuddle time" with Stephen. I am sure he enjoyed it as much as you did. The room looks terrific! I am sure he gives Mom a high five for decorating....
    Aunt LuAnn and Uncle Dick

  3. Precious! Hmmm...I see some Texas Tech gear in your future. :) So glad you have had time to hold your wee one! Still praying. Blessings and love.


  4. Stevie's pub!! I think that is a keeper!!
    SO GREAT about his weight!
    praying as always.

  5. OK - clear some space. Stephen's cousins have been coloring pictures for him for months. Guess I should just tape them all together and make wallpaper out of them :-) So glad to hear the good news. love to you all!! XOXOXO

  6. What a milestone! So happy to see you using the word "Fantastic" to describe Stepehen's status! I am so thrilled for the great news!