Sunday, January 9, 2011

Checking Out

Yesterday was an awful day. There is no other way to put it. And awful doesn't even really begin to explain the feelings and emotions you feel when you have to leave your child in the hospital while you go home. Especially when your you're leaving the hospital for the first time. It really is bittersweet though because 1) we never even thought we would get the chance to have these feelings (we thought we would be leaving the hospital mourning our baby)' and 2) we know he is in amazing hands and being well cared for. But it is still really really hard.

Our plan for today is to go back to the hospital in a few hours, spend some time with him, and have him baptized today before his surgery tomorrow. It will be just Billy and I and the Chaplain since family members aren't allowed in the NICU during cold and flu season. Which is also really hard. The grandparents and god parents haven't even gotten a chance to see Stephen, and won't until he comes home.

This afternoon, he'll receive a special line called a PIC line that will be where all his wires and tubes will go since they will need access to belly button where everything is right now. And then hopefully we will get a chance to hold him again either late tonight or tomorrow morning before his big surgery.

Yesterday was also tough because Stephen is getting increasingly uncomfortable and fussy and upset. We think its because his belly keeps getting bigger and more bloated and he's probably hungry too. He can't get any real nutrition other than through his IV because of the swelling and bloating and not having kidneys that can process anything. But I thought I would share another couple of cute photos from the past two days. But you can really see now big his little belly getting. His surgery couldn't come at a better time and will hopefully relieve a lot of his discomfort in the end.


  1. Billy & Lindsey
    Stephen is so sweet and beautiful. I am praying daily for all three of you. I know that tomorrow is an important day and I will pray that God will give you all strength and hold little Stephen especially close.
    Mary Elizabeth

  2. He is such a beautiful blessing! I am SO happy that you both were able to hold him!! I am praying hard for a successful surgery tomorrow. I wish I could come and take pictures for you, but you guys are getting some great shots of him! :)

  3. Bill and Lindsey,
    He is beautiful.
    just beautiful.
    He takes my breath away.
    Oh, how we have prayed for this child. I praise Jesus this very minute for this INCREDIBLE fighter. We will not stop praying for his full health and for you all to feel God's constant presence in every minute.
    Darlene and the Weir family

  4. He is so adorable. i love how he is holding your finger. I know how special that must feel. Continue to be strong and positive - its working! I know tomorrow will be so so hard for you. We love you and continue to pray!

  5. Dearest Lindsey and Bill,
    Stephen truly a miracle. He has shown us he is a fighter. We will pray for God to guide the surgeons hands and give healing to this beautiful little boy.
    Aunt LuAnn and Uncle Dick

  6. I love the picture of him smiling and of holding your hand...we are praying for you guys today.

  7. Bill and Lindsey-
    I found your blog through a post on fb by Heather Coker asking for prayers as your sweet little man undergoes a major surgery today. Know that we are sending prayers from Colorado for a flawless surgery and recovery for Stephen as well as God's comfort for you guys as well as your family. We also pray for the surgeons and nurses that are taking great care of Stephen. Have a blessed day and know God's in control! Our kiddos were in NICU for a short one and two weeks and I just remember how our emotions were on a constant roller coaster. Thank God for amazing NICU nurses and doctors!

    The Rossetter family

  8. Hello Lindsey and welcome to the world baby Stephen! I know your pain, as I had to come home empty handed while my little guy, Matthew, remained in the NICU for 7 weeks on PD. He got his kidney at 18 months old, last January and WOW! What a ride. It will get better, he will get better. Stay strong and stay together. Bad days will happen, but good days will too. Enjoy your little miracle and celebrate that he is here. Hugs to you! He is beautiful!