Friday, June 15, 2012


Stephen's surgery went great today and we are home! The surgery was super quick...something like 20-30 minutes, but the wait was a killer this morning (2.5 hours) and then recovery was a bumpy road, but he's doing so much better now that we're home.

As soon as we walked into recovery, we could hear him screaming.  For a bit I thought it was maybe just the anesthesia that was making him so inconsolable, but he was actually in a lot of pain.  The recovery nurse actually thought that the pain blocker they gave him maybe just didn't work, because he was beyond upset.  The nurse had to get orders to give him three doses of a narcotic pain killer to help him calm down.  And on top of that, his sutures started bleeding, so they had to apply some pressure to get the bleeding under control, which definitely added to the pain.  He's still uncomfortable, but the pain is much better now.  And hopefully he'll sleep well tonight and feel even better in the morning.

Despite our long wait in pre-op, Stephen did really great playing and entertaining the nurses.  Here are two pics of him in his hospital pjs waiting for surgery:

Here we are ready to go back to the OR.  I admittedly didn't do so well this time.  The easiest of all the surgeries and I totally cried leaving the OR, but this was the only when he had been completely awake going into the OR and kind of knew what was going on.  The poor little guy looked so scared when I laid him down on the table.  But thankfully he was out pretty quick.

And here he is with Daddy once the drugs kicked in and he felt a bit more comfortable.

Now he and Daddy are curled up in the recliner watching golf and probably dozing :).  Thank you for all the prayers are support!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Parkin' It

We spent a lot of time at various parks this week because Stephen really wants to move! And also because the weather was so nice and his Mommy likes to get out too! But now that he's finally on his feet, he really enjoys it.

What's so nice about some of the parks near us is that they have ride-on toys scattered about for anyone to use, and I learned that Stephen loves the cars that he can peddle himself Fred Flintstone style! Like the fire truck below.

Here are some pics from this past week. And when I get home (I'm on the train to NYC for a girls weekend...Billy's at home holding down the fort) I'll have a video to post of Stephen walking with his push cart!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I've got a....

CRAWLER!!  Stephen crawled all by himself for the first time yesterday during our weekly physical therapy session!!  Yippe!!! He crawled about 6 "steps" all by himself.  Slowly but surely our little guy is going to become more independent.  He stills needs some assistance with the transition from sitting to crawling and back up again, but I can really tell he's on the verge of doing it himself.  We just need to get him doing it a lot more.  Practice, practice, practice.  Although the little bugger freaks out whenever I put him down on his tummy, but shows off every time his therapist comes to work with him.  I guess it's a parent thing.

Here's a pic from yesterday afternoon practicing after therapy