Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I've got a....

CRAWLER!!  Stephen crawled all by himself for the first time yesterday during our weekly physical therapy session!!  Yippe!!! He crawled about 6 "steps" all by himself.  Slowly but surely our little guy is going to become more independent.  He stills needs some assistance with the transition from sitting to crawling and back up again, but I can really tell he's on the verge of doing it himself.  We just need to get him doing it a lot more.  Practice, practice, practice.  Although the little bugger freaks out whenever I put him down on his tummy, but shows off every time his therapist comes to work with him.  I guess it's a parent thing.

Here's a pic from yesterday afternoon practicing after therapy


  1. Wow!
    These legs were made for walking....and that's just what they'll do....and one of these days (soon) these legs are going to walk all over you....are ya ready legs...start walking.....

    Way to go Stephen!!!!

    Aunt LuAnn

  2. Wow! For all that he has been through, his delays are not all that... delayed? That's awesome.

  3. He is doing so well, thanks to all the help and encouragement from Mommy, Daddy, Mabel, and all his nurses, therapist and doctors. Congratulations to all who are involved.

    It's so encouraging to see his progress from last Summer to this Spring. What a difference -- Way to go Stephen!

    Love you all ...... Mimi & Poppy Noll