Saturday, January 29, 2011

Prayers Needed

Everyone has been so generous with their support and prayers for Stephen, Bill, and I over the past couple of months, and we have truly appreciated every single prayer, well wish, positive thought, email, note, and phone call. We know that those prayers and support have gotten us through the really bad times and have helped to get Stephen to where he is today.

But today I am asking you all for another huge favor; to please add two more families and babies to your prayer lists. Through this whole process, I have been able to connect with other Moms who have children with ARPKD of varying degrees and ages. It has been so incredibly helpful to hear their stories and know that other babies have survived birth, went on to receive transplants, and grow into healthy children. Especially when some doctors said it wasn't possible!!!!

In the past couple of weeks I have been connected with two other Moms who were also diagnosed in utero and who have also lost their amniotic fluid. One Mom lives in the UK and one lives in Washington (gotta' love the Internet!!) and both are having little girls. I know Stephen's journey has made them hopeful that their little girls will follow the same path and survive past birth, but I worry for them just the same for I know exactly what they're going through.

You can read more about Naomi's story here:

And Andrea's story here:

Please pray for them that they have the strength and courage to fight this disease and that their little girls will follow in Stephen's path and come into this world fighting to survive.



  1. Consider it done....Naomis' Ellie is my niece so already there on that one. Through Naomi I have followed your story and now Andrea's. Nothing but hope and faith for all your beautiful babies!

  2. Thank you so much for posting that for us! Brings tears to my eyes knowing the support we are getting and prayers we so desprately need. You continue to be in my prayers too!

  3. Thanks for caring, I think about you all every day! X

  4. will do it!! praying for each of these precious lives!

  5. Dear the pub...Stephen must have A LITTLE Irish in him. We are delighted he is doing well...thank God! Ciara calls us with such joy and excitement in her voice any time she reads good news...she is really keeping you in her heart always. Take good care of yourself, remember you are somebodies Mommy! Love Mrs. Boyle