Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quick Update

Just wanted to share the good news that Stephen was taken off of the ventilator this morning! He is back on CPAP, but he's doing really great without the ventilator and both lungs are inflating really well. His left lung the other day was having trouble inflating, but that appears to have corrected itself. And his nurse Connie was able to fix that also by changing the position he was laying in to help facilitate the lung to inflate fully. He'll have another x-ray this afternoon to check his lungs again and they are changing the dressing on this PIC as we speak, and then I should be able to hold him this afternoon.

This morning he's been resting and sucking away on his pacifier while we listen to The Beatles and a little country music. This afternoon I hope to finally share with everyone some pictures and details from Stephen's baptism on Sunday. I totally forgot I hadn't shared that yet. My apologies!


  1. Wonderful news. I can feel how big your smile must be as you post the good news.

  2. Greg & I are so happy to hear all the good news! Thinking of y'all constantly.
    xoxo, ashley (callen)

  3. Yay Lungs!!! That just made my day! Still praying... Lots of love.

  4. It is amazing to read about Stephen and learn how such a little guy can be so strong. I hope you both get to cuddle him soon.

  5. That's awesome!! Keep on going Stephen!! Show them the miracle that you are!!!


  6. Oh, that is wonderful news about his lungs. He is a little miracle!