Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The happiest man in the world

For those of you who have been reading our blog for a while or for those of you who are reading this for the first time, let me introduce myself. I am Lindsey's husband Bill. This is my first ever blog post, and to be quite honest until about 3 months ago I had never even read a blog. To be real honest, except for this blog I still haven't ever read a blog.

As all of you know by now, last night at 6:58 pm, little Mr Stephen Charles Schwartz came into this world and into our lives. To say that the experience of witnessing the birth of your child is amazing, is like saying that putting a man on the moon was "neat"! It just doesn't quite capture the experience. It was more than amazing it was more than anything i have ever experienced in my life. In a matter of minutes, seconds even, you go from being responsible for you and your wife, but ultimately just yourself, to having someone completely dependent on you for everything. Someone who truly loves you and you love them above anything else in the world. It is a surreal feeling and one I will never forget and cherish for the rest of my life.

Lindsey, per the usual, was amazing. She is so much tougher and braver than I could ever dream of being. From the beginning of this journey with our son, she has been the rock. She is my best friend, my soul mate, and I could never imagine living my life with out her!

Right now she is resting, and depending how she feels later today we can go down the NIC U, together to see the little man.

Due to having the c-section her mobility is limited, and the doctors don't want her to push herself to much. So far she has been a good patient, but I have a feeling she will get restless soon, and I can't blamed her
,for that.

My son!! How do I put him into words? From the second I heard him cry out in the delivery room, to an hour and half ago when I held his hand, I am in love. He is all that is pure and wonderful in this world. He is everything that I could ever want in this world and far more than I deserve! He is so brave and so tough, and Lindsey and I can find strength in his strength.

To everyone who has prayed for us. To everyone who has kept us in there thought. To everyone who has called, and text, and emailed us. Thank you. We are blessed to have all of you in our lives and from all three of the us, we thank you.

One last note. To our families, we want you to know how much we love you. Lindsey and I are blessed with a loving, caring family, that has been on this journey with us from the beginning. They have never wavered in there love and support. We could not have made it this far with out you!

Thank you again for everything and we will continue to keep everyone updated on Stephen's progress.



  1. Congratulations! I am so thrilled that he has arrived! We all continue to pray. Kisses to Lindsey and Stephen!

  2. Beautiful words Billy. So happy for both of you!

  3. Still praying for him! You did a great job on your first blog post. ;-)

  4. Congrats to you and Linds! Glad baby Stephen is here and praying that both Mom and Son are doing well. Looking forward to the updates and great job on your first blog posting :)

  5. Still praying from England. Lee and I are so happy and so hopeful for your family and ours. So glad I found people going through the same thing as us x

  6. Well said, DAD! Congratulations again!

    Joan Ruopsa

  7. Great job, Bill! You brought many tears (as Lindsey always does)of love, emotion and hope. Love to you, Lindsey and a kiss for Stephen when you do visit him. Tell him he has an aunt, born on the same day (a few years earlier) that is praying very hard for him.

  8. Congratulations, Dad!! Your first blog post is perfect - and brought tears of joy for you and your family! I am so elated for your new little family and I am praying for continued strength and healing. Many more strangers across the world are praying as well. Thank you for keeping us updated!

  9. I came across your story and have been spreading the word for prayers in Georgia! Stay strong!

  10. Praying for you in Texas too! Congratulations on the birth of your son! He sounds perfect!

  11. Congratulations Lindsey and Bill! Please know that many people are praying for you two and your brave little man. You all are so strong and I haven't been able to keep away from the blog since Lindsey posted it on Facebook.
    Many prayers and wishes being sent your way.
    - Liz

  12. So glad to hear the surgery was a success. My mother sent me your blog last week and it is amazing to see the York PA prayer chain in full effect. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!
    Kerri Beck Scalea

  13. Bill and Lindsey...Amber and I have been thinking about the three of you often. I sincerely apologize for not being in touch with either of you...completely on me. Just want to tell you that I love you guys, you all and lil Stephen are in our thoughts and prayers, and I look forward to catching up and hearing how everything is going. Let's talk soon.

    The strength, courage, and optimism that the two of you have displayed is admirable and inspiring.