Monday, December 13, 2010

Trial Hospital Run and Photo Sneak Peak

Bill and I had quite an eventful weekend this past weekend! As the title of my post explains, we had ourselves a little "dry run" Saturday night to the hospital.  Our plans for the weekend originally included putting up the Christmas tree and decorations and participating in a maternity photo session.  But our plans changed a little bit Saturday evening when I started getting really sick.  Luckily, we had taken our maternity photos earlier in the day, so we were still able to at least accomplish that. 

A good friend of mine had photographs taken of her newborn baby girl a few weeks ago and I loved her photos so much, that I contact her photographer, Danielle Hobbs, to see if she would have some time to take a few pictures of Bill, my belly, and me.  Luckily she did and after explaining a little bit of our story, she so graciously offered to take pictures for us.  So Saturday afternoon, we headed out to her house in Bristow for a photo shoot.  Danielle posted a sneak peak of our photo session on her blog and I LOVE them!!!!  Check out the pictures on her blog at

Thanks so much, Danielle!!!

After our photo session we stopped at Wegman's for some browsing and to pickup something for dinner.  Bill and I love strolling through Wegman's and since they don't have any inside the Beltway, any time we find ourselves near one, we have to stop.  And of course, it didn't disappoint!  But by the time we got home and started cooking dinner around 8pm, I started to feel really nauseous.  I hadn't felt that way since my 1st trimester when I had morning sickness all the time.  Unfortunately, I only felt worse as the night went on and around 11:30 PM we called the doctor.  Thankfully, she called us right back and told us we should go to the hospital so they could run some tests and make sure everything was ok.

Bill suggested we pack a few clothes, just in case, so we each packed a little bag with some clothes, toiletries, and our books....fed the dog a handful of treats and headed off to the hospital.  Lesson #1: never leave your gas tank empty when your wife is 35 weeks pregnant.  Lesson #2:  Pack your overnight bag beforehand so you don't forget important things like underwear.  Lesson #3:  Don't forget your wife's overnight bag in the car.

So not only was the trip to the hospital a success because I left feeling 100% better, but we learned some valuable lessons on how to be prepared for the next trip to the hospital!!  It actually was a success too because we found out how easy the check-in process was and how great the triage nurses are.  My nurse was actually 38 weeks pregnant herself (and looked fabulous) and was so nice and comforting...because I felt pretty stupid going to the hospital just to puke my brains out, get some IV fluids, and a little medicine.  But it was really good to hear Stephen's heart beat and know that he's perfectly fine and to get a clean bill of health.

Unfortunately, I think I've passed my little stomach bug onto Billy and he's home in bed today.  Oops!!! So we're taking it easy in the Schwartz household right now and Mabel's beyond thrilled to have Mom and Dad at home two days in a row!!

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  1. I'm so glad you love them - And I'm so glad you are feeling better!!! I heard you were sick and I was afraid it was b/c I had you out in the cold!