Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Check-Up Today

We had a routine check-up today at our new OB's office and got to see our little man this morning!  He's continuing to grow and is up to 5 lbs. 5 oz.!!!  I couldn't believe it.  Bill and I were sure he had to be around 4.5 lbs, so we were totally shocked to hear he's over 5 pounds now.  But we're so thrilled that he's continuing to grow.  His head size is right on for 33 weeks 5 days, and is abdomen is slightly ahead of schedule (35 weeks), but that's not too bad considering his kidneys are over 7 cm a piece.  To give you an idea of how big that is, an average adult female kidney is between 10 and 13 cm.  Right now his head and abdomen are exactly the same size, so that's also good.  As long as the abdomen doesn't surpass the size of his head, we're in good shape.

So based on the measurements they took today, we're back to delivering vaginally and not a C-section and we're just going to let nature takes it course between now and January 14th.  Once I get to the 14th, the doctor's will schedule an induction and we'll go from there.  So between now and January 14th, they'll continue to monitor Stephen's size and progress and my body's progress and we'll decide when the time arrives how he'll enter this world.  But it's definitely looking like we'll have a January baby!!


  1. I continue to pray for you, Bill and little Stephen.
    Your friend's prayer for your little family is amazing. She is so right-never doubt God's love-

    Mary Elizabeth