Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Monday!

Can you believe that Christmas Eve is just 4 days away?!  I just can not believe that in a few short days we're going to be celebrating Christmas, then New Year's, and then the baby will be here.  It's so crazy!!!  Billy and I had a super productive weekend filled with 3/4 fun stuff and 1/4 not so fun stuff.  And thank goodness he was around this weekend and not working, because I seriously wouldn't have been able to get anything done.  At this point, it's hard to spend much time on my feet before my back starts screaming at me to sit down.  And I always end up pushing it too far, and then I'm really in pain.  So it was such a blessing to have someone help me waddle through the mall to pick up the last of our Christmas gifts and push the cart in Costco.  Yes, you heard right.  We did Costco, the mall, Dick's, and Toys'R'Us all in one day....and the Saturday before Christmas no less!  And we survived with flying colors!  And to top it all off on Saturday, we had a really nice romantic Italian dinner, just the two of us, in Old Town Saturday night. 

Sunday morning was the "1/4 not so fun stuff."  We have been talking for weeks about what our wishes are for Stephen in the event that he doesn't live.  We've been going back and forth about it and haven't been able to come to a final decision, mostly because we don't want to make a decision, but we know that we're better off making a decision now than in the moment.  So we drove out to Fairfax Memorial to see if it was a peaceful place and a place we would want to lay Stephen to rest.  I don't really have an answer since the whole thing is just to sad to even think about, but I will say that it wasn't a terrible place.  And there were a lot of people there visiting loved ones, which made me a little bit better that at least it's well visited and taken care of.  Plus, they have a few sections of the cemetery dedicated to children which I like too.  But it was still really sad no matter how you look at it.

The rest of the day we spent decorating the house, the Christmas tree, and Billy put up lights outside in our bushes.  The condo looks so great and festive and I'm so glad we went to all the trouble to do it this year.  But just from this snippet about our weekend, you can see what an emotional roller coaster ride we live day-to-day.  One minute we're trying to figure out where to put the Christmas tree and then next we're trying to decide what funeral home and cemetery we might possibly use in a few short weeks.  It's really quite strange.

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