Monday, December 6, 2010

Big Birthday Weekend!

The Schwartz's had a busy weekend, and I unfortunately, didn't get a post up on Saturday to wish my husband a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  So happy belated birthday, Billy!!! 

[Don't worry Billy, I won't disclose which birthday it was! :) ] 

Love you, B!!! XOXOXOXO

Unfortunately, his team lost on Saturday to Auburn, but I think all-in-all it was a pretty good weekend spent celebrating with family and friends! And I'd have to say it was a pretty productive weekend for this pregnant lady as well.  Made Billy a birthday cake and sent out a stack of Christmas cards on Friday, we tried out a new restaurant in Old Town Friday night (Pizza Paradiso....which was delicious), ran some much needed errands on Saturday, and was able to knock off one more person off my Christmas list Sunday morning.  Six down and only 3 more to go!!  Next weekend I hope to get the Christmas decorations out of storage and put up the tree and we'll also be having some maternity photos taken of me, Bill, and my belly.  I've been so terrible with taking pictures of the past 8 months, so I think the photos will be an awesome keepsake and remembrance of our time with Stephen before he was born.  But I'll share with more you later about that and our visit to the hospital last Friday.

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