Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

As you probably guessed, Tuesday wasn't such a hot day.  But yesterday proved to be a pretty good day and I think today will be much of the same.  I don't know what it was, but I just irritable, uncomfortable (my office share has been broken), hot (my office temp is close to 80 degress), and just plain pissed off on Tuesday.  I really shouldn't have been since I didn't work on Monday and Tuesday was a short day because we had a doctor's in the early afternoon; but it was.  I guess I'm entitled to one of those every now and then.  At least yesterday I was busy at work all day (which always makes the day better) and we ended up getting our Christmas tree last night and hung the Christmas wreath on the front door.  Christmas decorations and especially the tree just make me happy, no matter the circumstances!! 

Just to give you a little update after our appointment on Tuesday, the little guy's heart is still holding strong and he's definitely still kickin'!  We got to meet another one of the doctor's in the high-risk OB practice we're now going to; Dr. Nies, so that was helpful.  And we decided that we're going to go ahead and get the steroid injections.  Well, I'm going to get the steroid injections.  We first heard about these steroid injections way back in October from other Mom's who have had premature babies.  The purpose of the injections is to help the lung tissue develop.  There has been a great debate among all of our doctors about whether or not the injections would help Stephen.  All of them up until Dr. Baker told us that there no evidence that the injections would help at all, but Dr. Baker felt there was no harm in getting the injections and there have been some studies that have shown them to help in situations similar to ours.  And when I asked Dr. Nies about it, she agreed with Dr. Baker.  Everyone has had a differing opinion on these injections, but since they can't hurt anything, it's definitely worth a shot.  No pun intended!!

So next week, I'll need to get one round of injections on Tuesday morning and then a second round 24 hours later on Wednesday morning; both at the hospital.  Then we'll have another OB appointment Wednesday afternoon where we'll get to see the little guy again and they'll start checking me to see if we're getting close to delivery or not.  And from now on, I'll see the doctor once a week until Stephen is born. 

Unfortunately, no update on his size, but I can definitely tell you that he's growing and getting bigger.  I've been packing on the pounds (a lady never reveals her weight....sorry!) and my belly is growing,  but not much else has grown (except my poor little fingers, feet and ankles), so I know he's got to be getting big!!  Based on his growth so far, my guess is he's getting close to 7 pounds now.

Oh and in other news....I've given up on Metro.  After the fire in Metro center on Monday, a train breakdown and offload at Pentagon Tuesday morning (while I was there no less and had to wait 20 minutes until I could get on the next train), and a suspicious package yesterday morning also at Pentagon, which turned out to be a blinking Christmas ornament, I'm driving from now on.  Good riddance to Washington's broken public transportation system!  See ya' next year.....maybe. Now let's hope the snow doesn't totally snarl Washington traffic tonight!

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