Saturday, May 11, 2013


We were finally able to get Stephen out of bed for the first time in 2 days! He laid on Daddy's lap for a few minutes before we put him back in bed, but it was great to finally get him up for a bit.

He's back to sleep now and has finally been able to get a bit more comfortable. And having his chest suctioned wiped him out too! But the kidney is still doing awesome and making tons of urine. It's just become a very delicate fluid and pain medication balance to get his blood pressure and breathing at the right place.


  1. I know just being closer to u and Billy was comforting and healing even if for a quick while. We are constantly praying and checking for updates. Email me if u want or need anything. Xoxo ash, Greg and kids

  2. Prayers continue for Stephen and you.

    :) Sheri Roth

  3. Glad to see Stephen out of bed. We know that Mommie and Daddy's touch was a welcome feeling to our Superman. Keeping you in our prayers...
    Uncle Dick & Aunt LuAnn

  4. Nothing better than holding your baby and making him feel better. You are constantly in our thoughts!! Keep up the good work mom & dad! XOXO The Homans