Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Just wanted everyone to know that we have no set time for Stephen's transplant surgery tomorrow. We know that Kristin will probably be taken into the OR around 9:30/10 AM for her surgery to begin. So Stephen will probably be moved from our room on the renal unit down to surgery "holding" around that time. And then we'll wait there for the two or so hours until they know everything is ok with Kristin and everything looks good. And then they'll take Stephen back to the OR. I'm guessing this might be around noon. Then the surgery will probably be about 4-5 hours. We've been warned by the surgeon that things tend to move kind of slow, so don't be alarmed if we don't hear anything for a long time. As we've learned in the past, you only hear something if things don't go well. But I'll try to update as we learn new information.

Superman is fast asleep now with Bill close behind him and as soon as I know his dialysis is up and running, I'll feel a bit better and will try to get some shut eye too. But I'm thinking it'll probably be an all-nighter. I'm not so good at sleeping the night before surgery!


  1. I just read your story for the first time and I am so incredibly happy that Stephen has a donor and that this time tomorrow your little boy will get to start brand new! I am a mother of a 3 yr old and I cannot fathom the range of emotions you must be feeling, but I was so moved I had to say Bless all of you - I am sending so many prayers to you and the amazingly unselfish Kristen and wish for you a long happy HEALTHY life together! I live in Philadelphia and CHOP is amazing. You are truly in good hands and I pray with all my heart tomorrow brings much deserved and long awaited good news:) Your Stephen is so gorgeous and looks so happy and is obviously extremely strong and determined - not to take anything away from him, but you must deserve part if the credit for that

  2. Lindsey - all of our thoughts and prays are with you! Lots of love - Aimee, Mike, Declan & Kenzie.

  3. Dear Lindsey,
    'Thoughts and prayers are with you all. We will be waiting for the good news!! God has a special plan for our Superman and I know He will be at Stephen's side throughout this surgery.
    Hugs for all
    Aunt LuAnn and Uncle Dick

  4. Praying for your baby boy, Kristen , and both families. God is able.