Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Hate the ICU!

The ups and downs of the ICU might just do me in! We've had this before, way back in the NICU, but man does it seem worse now that he's older. This morning was a very stark contrast to how Stephen was last evening and how things were going here in the PICU. Stephen is asleep right now, but he required a lot of intervention (respiratory, sedation, and anesthetic) to get there and almost two hours of Bill and I restraining him while they came up with a plan. They've done a full abdomen ultrasound and haven't found any glaring issues, but might do a CT scan with contrast later today to help figure out what's causing him to go into a psychotic-like state. It doesn't appear to be kidney-related because he's peeing great and his numbers are good, but they've got to get this all figured out ASAP. My guess is it has to do with all the drugs, the enormity of what's happened to him, and being extremely pissed that his hands, legs, face, and chest are full of tubes. But that's just my opinion.


  1. Hi Lindsey,
    If any one of us would have been through what SUPERMAN'S been through the last 4 days, we'd be pissed too!! Trust that the doctors will get to the bottom of this soon!! You will be in our prayers!!!

    Aunt LuAnn

  2. Praying for a peace that passes all understanding. Your family has been through so much..........know that so many care and are feeling your frustrations.

    :) Sheri Roth

  3. Sounds like a bad reaction to the pain killers and that is my professional opinion.

  4. I think your opinion sounds absolutely correct. One, he is on a shit-ton of pain meds and he's 2; they have to contribute to his behavior. My grandmother, who was completely sane, was on morphine for bone cancer. She saw little green men running across the carpet and was very psychotic on morphine. Second, he is an active 2 year-old boy who is not allowed to get out of bed and has stuff sticking out of him. I'm sure he is frustrated and pissed! He is at that age where he is old enough to be pissed about it all, but not old enough to understand why. Add to that he probably just doesn't feel well and... it seems like a no-brainer! I will pray that that's "all" it is, and nothing else is contributing.

  5. Also wanted to add that if he is on pain killers and hasn't pooped yet, constipation could be adding to his problems... Don't underestimate the pain of constipation!

  6. Praying things are better this morning.