Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Admitted Today

Just got off the phone with the hospital admissions; Stephen's bed is ready and waiting for him. So as soon as we're done with anesthesiology, we'll check-in at the welcome center and be directed to his room on the surgical floor.

But right now, we're spending our last morning at home lounging in bed, finishing up dialysis (we connected a little late last night), and watching Sesame Street. A big perk of all of us sleeping in one room! Then we'll get a good scrub in the tub and pack up. And about four cups of coffee for me ☕ 😀

Once we get settled in our room, I'll share the next plan for the day and hopefully some kind of time table for tomorrow morning.


  1. Good Morning Lindsey,
    We just know that God's blessings will be with all of you tomorrow. Glad that things have gone smoothly thus far. We'll be checking the blog more frequently than our usual three/day. Although we cannot be in Philadelphia, our love, prayers and constant thoughts will be with you. Stephen, you show Mommie just how fast you can soak those diapers. Pee like a pro!!! :)
    SUPERMAN--you ROCK!!!
    Aunt LuAnn & Uncle Dick

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted. He and all of you are in our hearts, prayers and thoughts.

  3. We're so excited for all of you! This is absolutely wonderful! With everyone else, we're praying for more good news to be posted tomorrow! :-)

    Kim & Brian