Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So I guess I will NOT be winning mother of year this year because I clearly have no idea how old my own baby is! I said in my previous post that Stephen was four months old, when in fact he's only three months old. I think I probably told five people he was 16 weeks old today before I realized I had left my brain on another planet the past few days. My apologizes Stephen! Mommy loves you!!!! :)


  1. One evening I said to Eric, "I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday and you'll be home to help with the baby all weekend!" He said, "Honey, tomorrow is Wednesday." I cried for a half hour. Don't you just love New Mom Brain? :) Love to you all!

  2. You still get my vote for Mother of the Year, Linds.

  3. As charlene said, you already have mother of the year in the bag, so dont fret.