Wednesday, April 27, 2011


How things changed in the matter of minutes!! A minute after I posted this afternoon, I went in to check on Stephen and noticed he was super hot and sweaty. I instantly took his temperature and would you know it, he had a 101 degree fever. The pediatrician told me to get him to the ER, so that's where we are now.

Turns out, my intuition was right; Stephen has a very nasty case of peritonitis. An infection of the peritoneum. They pulled off some fluid out of his belly (the cycler leaves 60 ml's in his belly during the day) and it was milky yellow. It's supposed to be completely clear. So we are being admitted tonight to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). Hopefully our stay will be short lived, but who knows.


  1. Hang in there linds. You have the comfort of knowing you are in great hands.

  2. We're thinking of you & hoping to hear some good news soon!

  3. Thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers.
    Aunt LuAnn & Uncle Dick

  4. I was so sorry to read this! Praying for you all.