Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Recap and Happy Halloween

Don't have much new to report today, so I'll post another pic for your viewing pleasure.  Here's our little girl (Mabel) in all her Halloween glory from 2008 doing some trick-or-treating in Old Town Alexandria.  She was just 3 months old in this picture.  Mabel is a true mutt.  She's definitely a corgi/basset hound mix, but I also think she might have some Jack Russel or Shepard in her too.  Next year we'll have both our little girl and little boy together all dressed up!!

The weekend was pretty low-key for us.  Although not having much to do on Saturday turned out to not be so good.  Bill went golfing for most of the day on Saturday (which was really good for him and I'm glad he went), but I didn't have any plans except to wait for Home Depot to show in the morning to install a new storm door on the condo.  After that, I spent some time catching up on Tivo (I'm an Oprah and Bravo junkie) and then trying to figure out what to do.  I ended up baking some pumpkin cookies which we took with us to a friend's house that night to watch the PSU game, but it was really hard being home alone for so long and left me with my thoughts, which of course tend to be pretty sad.  Plus, this past weekend was supposed to have been our "mini babymoon" to The Greenbrier (yes, you're allowed to make fun of me for that).  We were going to get away to relax and have some fun before Stephen arrived.  I was so looking forward to yoga, the spa, and a little gambling at night.  And I know Billy was psyched about golf and gambling too.  But after getting the news about the baby, we decided it would be more wise to save our money for Stephen's medical bills.  But I was really happy we decided to go over to see some friends Saturday night.  It was definitely a welcome distraction!! And PSU won, which made the night even better.

Sunday was much better since we had all sorts of random errands to run and had brunch down in Shirlington, which I LOVE to do.  Nothing is better than the newspaper, coffee, and eggs on a Sunday with your favorite person!  But next weekend, I think we'll try to get out of town (maybe to York) or plan something for at least the day on Saturday; especially since Saturday was supposed to be my baby shower.  I think next Saturday will definitely be another tough day for both Billy and I, but if we can plan something to distract us, I think we can make it through unscathed.

If anyone has any good suggestions for day trips from the DC area, I'd love to hear them!!

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