Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

All three of us are recovering from colds and the sniffles, but we managed to have a great weekend either doing nothing but watching TV or enjoying the Bluemont Fair in Bluemont, VA. And best of all, Stephen had his last home infusion of IV antibiotics on Saturday morning and then a nurse came to the house and pulled out his PICC line. We were shocked to see how long the line was (it went the whole way from his upper left arm to his heart!), but Stephen barely flinched when he pulled it out. Glad to have that behind us and hopefully will never have to do it again. Tomorrow, we have a visit to the transplant clinic at CHOP to catch them up on everything that's happened in the past two weeks and hopefully have good lab work.

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  1. I been a reader for a while and have never commented. I just wanted to say I admire your positive attitude and you have such a brave little guy! Happy to see that he is feeling better again :)