Saturday, September 7, 2013


Stephen was admitted to the hospital last night 😢 30 minutes after I had put him to bed, he started throwing up and spiked a 103.7 fever. Which was shocking because he was running around and playing like crazy just prior to bedtime. We ended up bringing him to INOVA Fairfax instead of making the 2.5 hour trek to CHOP because he just seemed too sick. They are running all sorts of tests and giving him preventative IV antibiotics, but we are hoping he just picked up a virus somewhere. The worst part about it was he didn't get admitted until 4am (we arrived at the ER at 11:45 pm) so we're all a bit tired and cranky. But hoping to be home ASAP (probably tomorrow)!

Poor Stephen just doesn't know yet that Elmo and Thomas will be replaced shortly with college football 🏈😀

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  1. Maybe you can tell him that it is ELMO under the helmet?? Good luck with that one. Hugs to all of you and especially Stephen
    Nana and Papa Schwartz