Friday, December 2, 2011


Thankfully we had a much better ending to the week than we did at the beginning! Stephen's feeling 1,000% times better today that he did last week and earlier this week and his cultures and labs are the same. The cultures haven't grown anything and his cell counts are near perfect so all the dialysis and antibiotics he's been getting have done the trick. We still have to replace the catheter, but at least he'll be going into this surgery with absolutely no bugs in his belly. We haven't gotten a definitive date for the surgery, but it's likely to happen on Monday, December 12th. We could possibly do it on Friday, December 9th, but we'd be an add-on for the day and his surgery could get bumped which would mean we'd probably be stuck in the hospital over the weekend. Yuck! So we're hoping for Monday. Now we just need to keep our fingers crossed that his patched-up catheter holds until then! There's no reason why it shouldn't, but we don't seem to have very good luck lately.

In other non-medical related things...I started decorating the house for Christmas which is always fun. We don't ever seem to get around to it until the week before Christmas (we have to drag everything out of our storage unit), but now with Stephen, I'm dying to get the tree up! I cannot wait until next year when knows more of what's going on! And in other news, we have a big birthday to celebrate this weekend! Someone...starts with a B, ends with illy...has a birthday on Sunday. Nothing big planned, but Stephen and I have a little something up our sleeves :)

And just to start the weekend off right, here's a little video I took this evening. Stephen's really into turning the pages of books right now and he loves this little book with lights and sounds. Plus, it's just his size. And I've been working on trying to get him to wave hi and bye. You'll see he's gotten pretty good at imitating too.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!


  1. Simply adorable!!!

  2. What great news! And the video warms my heart! He's simply precious!

  3. Hi Lindsey,
    Thank goodness the week ended on a better note for you!!! We loved the video. Your Dad sent us a pic of Stephen in his "Who needs Mistletoe" sweater--too cute for words. This is the first photo of Stephen that I see a bit of his Mommy coming out in him. I don't know if it is his expression or what--but I see a bit of the little Lindsey Noll from, what seems to be, not that long ago :)
    Aunt LuAnn