Thursday, December 15, 2011


It's 2:45 PM EST and we got home about 20 minutes ago. Stephen's taking a nap in his own bed, I'm unpacking everything (you accumulate so much stuff in the dang hospital) and Bill headed back to work. We would have been home well over an hour ago, but when the nurse de-accessed his Mediport, she stuck herself with the needle. So it was a huge long process of them trying to figure out what to do and then drawing more blood from Stephen.

The only problem is, my little guy picked up a nasty cough while in the hospital and I fear it's not going to go away without putting up a fight :(

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  1. Happy that Superman is home with Mommie, Daddy and Mabel. I am sure he is enjoying his first Christmas tree and all the decorations. Hopefully the cough is only a side effect from the anesthesia/intubation and won't be too difficult for him to fight. Tell him Uncle Dick is going to fly up to the North Pole next week to check and see if Santa has the reindeer hitched up properly. He will make sure Santa knows what a good guy Stephen has been and make sure that there are lots of toys for him in Santa's sleigh....
    Love and prayers to all of you...
    Aunt LuAnn