Saturday, June 11, 2011

Still Here

As you may or may not have guessed, we are still in the stinkin' hospital. We thought for sure we would be discharged today since the MRI came back yesterday without any signs for concern, and Stephen's labs yesterday morning were good. But as the night progressed last night, his blood pressure kept dropping throughout the night. They gave him two saline IVs which helped, but it's still disconcerting why his pressures are dropping while he's on dialysis. So here we sit...still.

Tonight they will try him on a new blood pressure medication to help raise his blood pressure while he's on dialysis and they started him on another new medication to help with some of the other values that were a little out of whack in his labs from this morning.

And then yesterday I asked one of the resident doctors if his IGG had been checked and it hadn't. So they also checked his immuno globulin's this morning and low and behold that was so low it was off the charts. So tomorrow morning they will give him an IGG IV to help boost his immune system. In the past these IV drips, which take hours, have also sent Stephen's blood pressure plummeting, so we don't anticipate on getting out of "jail" until Monday. Another freaking week spent in the hospital.

I think this next week we will need to have a frank discussion with his nephrologists on ensuring his electrolytes are kept in balance going forward. Since that was the root cause of these seizures and what sent us here in the first place. And they were the ones who discharged us last Saturday before they got his electrolytes back in check. Not cool.


  1. I am so sorry you guys are still there. I am glad the EEG looked good. It is scary when labs are out of whack. I hope they can get it all straightened out and you guys get to go home soon!

  2. Sorry you are still at the hospital, but glad you are asking good questions and getting Stephen the attention he needs! Prayers coming your way!

  3. My heart goes out to each of you. Hope you are out of the hospital and on your way home in a few days. Hang in there and remember God loves all of you.
    Mary Elizabeth