Monday, June 13, 2011


We are finally home! We were discharged from the hospital around 4 pm yesterday afternoon, picked up Mabel from Bill's parents and headed home. And boy was it nice to be home! All four of us sleep great last night in our own beds for the first time a while, but had busy days today. Stephen and I had to get used to a fairly new routine today with more meds, more feeds, and more steps in our day (extra blood pressure readings, weight, and more steps to take in setting up dialysis), but he took an awesome afternoon nap in his crib and went to bed before 8 pm tonight; a new record. And I spent a good deal of time on the phone making follow-up doctor visits, talking with insurance and trying to get nursing for Stephen. Bill had a crazy day at work playing catch-up for being out of the office for three days straight and didn't get home until 10 pm. But we couldn't be happier to be home and hopefully we won't have any more of those "open ended" hospital stays in our future.


  1. so glad you are home. nothing feels better than your own bed when you have been away for awhile - especially in a hospital! I am sure it will be tough adjusting to a new routine, but hang in there - you'll manage. smooches to Stephen!

  2. Yay! I am so glad you are all home, and resting well! Please let me know if you all need anything. Prayers and love.

  3. There truly is "no place like home". We are so happy to hear that Superman is feeling better!!
    Love to all...
    Aunt LuAnn && Uncle Dick

  4. Glad to hear everyone is back at home and doing well. Hopefully you can catch some sleep in these next few days. Hang in there Linds; you're doing an amazing job!

  5. oh, lindsay. you all have endured so much. I am so thankful that you are home. praying ever still!!! every night my boys pray for Stephen.