Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Trip to the Mall

I mentioned last week that I had a classic new Mom moment during Stephen's and my first trip to the mall. He was really good for about an hour as we strolled through the mall making a return and checking out the new iPad 2. Which by the way is WAY cool! On our way through Nordstrom, I stopped to pick up a few shirts for Bill and as I was paying, Stephen decided to wake up and make his presence known. Since we were in Nordstroms and they have really nice women's lounges where I could nurse Stephen, I figured that should calm him a bit and maybe he was just hungry. So we headed to the 2nd floor lounge.

And of course, just my luck, there was another young woman nursing her little baby girl, her Mom, and two other women in the lounge. Even though I was a bit nervous, I sat down anyway and rocked Stephen until he was calm. As I rocked him, I took my cell phone out to check the time and placed it on the table next to chair. The girl across from me asked me how old Stephen was and I panicked because I have no idea how old he is in weeks, just months. I don't know why, but I felt so stupid for not knowing the answer. So then I got nervous and didn't want to nurse him because I had never nursed him in a "public" place before. So I figured I would go upstairs to the 3rd floor lounge and maybe if I got lucky, there wouldn't be anyone there. So I put Stephen back in the stroller, he started to cry instantly, so I quickly got out of there.

Luckily the 3rd lounge was empty, so I got myself and him situated and started nursing him when I realized CRAP I left my cell phone down there. I had to yank Stephen off my boob, he started to cry so i didn't even bother putting him back in the stroller but instead carried him out to wait for the elevator. As I'm standing there, a Nordstrom employee comes over and pulls down my shirt in the back. I basically forgot to redress myself. I said thank you and panicing, told her i left my cell phone downstairs. I think she recognized that i was obviously a new mom and panicking a bit, so was so nice and offered to help me. She went into the lounge to retrieve my cell phone for me, came out and said, "Did you also leave your shopping bag?". In my moment of panic I not only left my cell phone but also the bag with the shirts I had just bought Bill. And of course the other young mom was still calmly sitting on the couch nursing her little girl thinking how much of a nut job I must be!!!


  1. Awe this sounds awful! I hope that soon you'll be able to laugh about it! ( :

  2. Not a nut job at all :) I do hope you can laugh about it now. I have actually met some great friends in nursing lounges - you just never know! But of course it's always nerve wracking having an audience like that!!!

  3. Hilarious.... I have a few good stories too, but i better save them for a private email! Hang in there... these are the experiences that make you a supermom by the time your child is a year.

  4. Ahhh Linds. You poor thing. Atleast you can laugh about it now. I give you so much credit for venturing out. Good for you. Putting yourself in different situations is only going to help you become more confident. You are doing a wonderful job and that can be seen each time you look at Stephen!

  5. this should make you feel better. at 4 WEEKS. WEEKS, I tell you. I brought Caleb to the season opener of the NFL. Yeah.
    I thought we had box seats... but apparently, club seats are not the same as box seats.
    They had fireworks. bands. screaming people. and then, they had formation stunt airplanes dropping parachuters out of the air.
    Caleb screamed his sweet little head off.
    yes. I spent the game sitting inside, watching on TV. :) HA! The first of many dumb moves!

    You are a wonderful mommy! You recovered your cell phone AND fed your child. mission accomplished!!!

  6. Matt corrects me. He was 5 weeks.... as if it matters!!! still. dumb move!