Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Trip to the ER

Well, we just got back from our first trip to the emergency room. And I hope we never have to go back! Although, I say that knowing that we will inevitably going back. It was nothing that was an actual emergency, but Stephen wasn't feeling good at all yesterday and we were heading to the hospital today for lab work, so his nephrologist said we should just go to the ER.

Yesterday morning started off really great. Stephen slept awesome the night before and after unhooking him from dialysis, we had breakfast and then a tubby. Then we went for a short ride in the car to pick up some lab work papers at the pediatrician. But then everything went downhill from there. Stephen started getting really fussy and upset and nothing I did calmed him down. By the evening, I realized he hadn't been pooping much at all or passing gas, which he usually does A LOT because of the protein in his milk.

So last night in had the pediatrician paged and he told me to give him a glycerin suppository, which I did. But then still nothing. By this morning, he still hadn't gone to the bathroom, his dialysis output was low, and he was looking puffy again. So I called the nephrologist. And then true to form, between the time I talked to her and when she called back to tell us where to go and what to do, he pooped twice!! But since we were on edge a little, we decided to go to the ER anyway.

And 4 hours later, we're home and we still didn't get all of his blood work completed. The ER is a bit of a nightmare. One poor Mom was trying to check in her daughter who was having cardiac issues and they were waiting in line behind us. But in the end, at least we now know that Mr. Stephen is doing just fine and we will find out tonight from his nephrologist about his lab work and what we should do about his dialysis.

Now it's time to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. We're getting ready to take Stephen on his first stroller ride down to Shirlington with Mabel in tow.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

P.S. Best part of the ER visit, getting to see Stephen's NICU nurse Jess. As soon as she walked in the room he perked right up! No joke!!


  1. It is good to know that everything is OK. We are sure Stephen enjoyed his outing with you and Mabel!! It was a beautiful day.
    Aunt LuAnn

  2. sorry to hear of the dramatic day. glad that stephen got to go on a nice family stroll!

  3. So happy to see lil man too, but next time he's having NICU nostalgia and I'm not at work give me a call and I'll come over- the 1/2 mile drive is much easier and more fun than an ED visit!! I hope they got his labs done at least??

  4. OH, the ER is so difficult. I am so sorry you had to go, but VERY glad that he is "regular" again.
    Still Praying!

  5. So sorry to hear about your difficult time! But, I'm so glad things ended up ok. Still praying for you all every day. Much love.