Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sneak Peak

We've been working really hard this past week to get Stephen's room ready for him to come on Thursday so I thought I would share a little peak into his nursery. It's not completely finished, but it's close. We still haven't gotten everything hung on the walls such as the elephant decal we ordered tonight for over his crib and Poppy Noll will be hanging some shelves on the wall this weekend (it was a miracle that Bill and I got the curtains hung), but its pretty close.

Here's a view of the room from the door/hallway. Our bedrooms and living room are sunken, so that's why the photo is taken above ground level.

Before being transformed into the nursery, this room was our office and we already had the two Ikea shelving units, so all we needed was a crib and rocker. Unfortunately, but now fortunately, the chair and crib were delivered four days before we got Stephen's diagnosis. Since coming home from the hospital, I've used the nursery as my "pumping station" and it's been so nice to have a comfy designated place.

Here's one of the shelving units we converted into Stephen's dresser. I bought the bins from Target and store all of Stephen's blankets, cloths (most of them), toys, pajamas, socks and bibs, and burp cloths in them. We originally were going to use the top of the shelving unit as a changing station, but since we need a place for his scale, we are planning to change him in his crib like we do in the hospital.

That's little sister Mabel in the foreground.

Here is the crib and another shelving unit.

This shelving unit has a lot of Stephen's stuffed animals we started collecting before he was born and some new ones we received as gifts, lots of books, photo albums, and luckily there's still some room at the bottom. Our video monitor is at the top right corner so we can watch Stephen around the clock. And the cute elephant was painted by a friend from high school who is a super talented graphic artist. Her adorable children's paintings can be found on her website at:

Here is a closer look at the crib bedding. Although not sure what happened with the lighting....sorry!

Funny story about the bedding; I actually won it from Serena and Lilly on Facebook! I entered a contest on Facebook by and was randomly chosen as the winner. Crazy thing was it was a week before we found out we were having a boy! It's super cute with elephants, giraffes, alligators, and other little jungle creatures.

Here's another view of the rocker. My Dad, Stephen's Poppy Noll made the airplane having above the rocker right after graduating college when he started working for Piper Aircraft. It's a replica of the plane we flew while working for Piper. And I'm guessing that Stephen's Great-Uncle Dick is working on a plane for Stephens room too (but no pressure Uncle Dick!).

And just for kicks, I thought I would share a little peek into one of Stephen's closets. Thankfully there are two in his room. The shoe hanger on the back of the door stores some of the small medical supplies like alcohol swabs, tubing caps, g-tubes, and syringes. The three bins on the floor in his closet contains all the drain bags and tubing cassettes for dialysis and four nights worth of dialysate. I also have a bunch of bags in a bin under his cribs and there are four boxes of bags in our bedroom.

I thought this picture might be helpful to other families with children who also have a lot of medical supplies. The shoe rack has been so awesome!

I hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak into Stephen's room! If you have any questions about anything in his room, just leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you!


  1. The room looks great, I love the shoe rack, what a great idea! And Camilla's elephant is perfect :) I can't wait to read about Stephen's first car trip home :)

  2. His room is so beautiful! I love that shade of blue. The shoe rack is genius! I bet you are so dying to have Stephen home, but maybe a little nervous too. I can't imagine how excited you and Bill are for the first time Bill comes home from work and his beautiful wife and beautiful baby are there to greet him!

  3. Dear Lindsey and Bill,
    You folks are sooooo organized. The room is adorable--We know Stephen is going to love it! Uncle Dick will be working on the airplane and we are looking forward to the day when Stephen is old enough for his first flight.
    Mabel looks very anxious for her new playmate to arrive. We know she will be a very protective "sister". Keep those picture and blogs coming. We look for them every day.
    Love to all....
    Uncle Dick and Aunt LuAnn

  4. Yay! I am so excited to read that he is coming home Thursday. What a journey! We loved our pups reactions when we brought Tyler home. Make sure to take pictures when Mabel meets him.