Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lots of Firsts

Yesterday and today were days filled with firsts for Stephen and his Mommy. He had his first swing, his first real bath, and the first time I was able to dress him in his own clothes. And I had my first trip to a baby store as a Mommy. And it was all so amazing!!

We were told on Monday that Stephen might have his PIC line pulled this week, which would mean he would be allowed to finally wear clothes and have blankets from home. Which meant that I needed to shopping! I had purchased a few little outfits prior to Stephen's diagnosis, gotten a few as gifts, and some as hand-me-downs from my sister. But I didn't have any onesies with the snaps the whole way down the front (these work best with Stephens tubes and wires) or any that might would be big enough for Stephen. Walking into Babies'R'Us as a Mom was amazing and so much fun. It's so weird because that store used to stress me out and confuse me, but now it's awesome! I could use one of everything! And because we canceled my baby shower, I really could use one of everything :) i have a feeling I'll be making frequent trips to Babies R Us and BuyBuyBaby in the next few weeks.

Then when I got to the NICU on Tuesday, Stephen was swinging away in a little swing and loving every minute of it! It was so adorable and he LOVED it! I can tell we are going to spend lots of time in the swing.

But today might be our best day yet. Now that Stephen is off his IV fluids, the PIC was finally pulled which meant that he could get a real big boy bath! He can't get his dialysis catheter or feeding tube submerged so the bath water was very shallow, but it was definitely a real bath. Although you'll see that the poor little guy hated it! He cried and cried the whole time and so hard that he literally turned purple. When Stephen gets mad, he gets really mad!! You'll see from the pics, that the poor little guy has lost a lot of his hair, but only on the top of his head. Which makes him look even more like a little old man! :) But he's still super adorable!

After his bath, I was able to dress him for the first time. It was so fun! And I picked out an outfit with elephants since his nursery theme is elephants and I couldn't resist the "I love mommy" embroidered the chest. Then we spent the whole afternoon cuddling away. Now that his PIC line is gone, we're able and allowed to pick him up and hold him without the help of the nurses and hold him in all sorts of positions without worrying about the lines being pulled or him getting an infection. It's so awesome!

We also had our first consult today with the pulminologist who will see and follow Stephen when he leaves the NICU. He was extremely pleased with Stephens lung development and thinks he's doing really well. We will have to be very careful when Stephen comes home because his lungs are still very fragile and he could easily catch a respiratory virus or cold that could send him back to the PICU. So that means we won't be going out in public very much for awhile. But I can deal with that as long as he's home and healthy! We're just really looking forward to walks with Stephen down to (in his stroller) in the Spring!

I went a little nuts posting pictures tonight, but I had trouble picking my favorites!


  1. Sounds like an amazing day for all! Our family continues to follow your blog and we are so happy to hear ALL of the good news. What a blessing it will be to finally have him home. The pics were all so adorable, those big cheeks and sweet eyes. Enjoy that handsome little guy!

  2. I can see why you couldn't pick a favorite. He is so adorable and love hearing how good his is doing day by day. So so cute!

  3. Amazing!!!!! I can see the love in your face! I'm so happy for your family and continue to check the blog daily for updates. I can't wait to see the going home post! :)

  4. Stephen can cry anytime he wants..... his Mommy looks thrilled to be able to soothe and rock her "little man". Bet Daddy was so pleased to see this progress this week. Congratulations to Stephen, his Mommy & Daddy, and the fabulous INOVA nurses and doctors. He is progressing soooo well. Chuck and I can't wait until we can cuddle with him soon. Congratulations to Daddy Bill for his success and recognition this week, also. Poppy & Mimi Noll send their love ....... Chuck & Kathy

  5. I love the pictures of him in the swing and with his paci...I am so happy to hear how well he is progressing! Ashley and my mom (Sandy) send their love, I've been emailing them the blog posts every chance I can get!

  6. SO Cute!! ( : He's got some great facial expressions! ( :

  7. He is so precious! I can't tell you how happy we are that he's doing so well! Still praying every day. Love and blessings.

  8. The photos are wonderful-the one where he is looking his Mommy square in the eyes is our favorite. Stephen looks so aware of what is going on around him--his progress is amazing! Much love to all of you.
    Aunt LuAnn and Uncle Dick

  9. What wonderful news. You look so happy! Vivienne screamed for her first bath too, but has loved them ever since. the 4-6 week time frame is so exciting beucase babies really "wake up" and come alive. Enjoy every minute.... before you know it he will be throwing a temper tantrum!