Thursday, February 10, 2011

Firsts Continued

Stephen had another big milestone this morning.....he had his first bottle!! Unfortunately, I missed it, but the nurses took lots of pictures for me and Bill and sent me a text message this morning. The speech therapist came to see him early this morning around 8 am and they tried the bottle. Stephen took only about 5 cc's of milk and they said he was pretty confused that there was something coming out. He's so used to the pacifier, but not when there's liquid involved. Later today we'll get to try again and then tomorrow we'll try the real thing!! :)

Update: we tried a bottle this afternoon around 3:30 pm and Stephen did great! He "drank" everything in the bottle; all 7 cc's. Momma was so proud! Although as soon as he was done though, he was off the charts mad! Luckily the pacifier and a nap soothed him pretty quickly.

In other "Stephen World" news, I've started working on all of his paperwork and things for disability and Medicaid. It's so weird to think he qualifies for these things and I feel kind of weird applying for these programs, but it will help us get some extra nursing help when he comes home. The way it looks right now, he'll be coming home with oxygen, a feeding pump, and dialysis. I know we can handle it all, but it's going to be a lot at first. But I cannot wait!!!

Here's Stephen enjoying some tummy time yesterday. Jess, Stephen's nurse, got some great pics yesterday and today.


  1. Oh these posts make me smile!!! God is so amazing and wonderful and I'm so glad he has blessed you with this miracle baby!!!!!


  2. What a great week for all of you!!! I LOVE all of these recent pics. He is such a sweet little man. Lindsey you look great too! Stephen is very lucky to have you as his Mommy. Xoxo, Amy

  3. It's such a joy to read your stories about Stephen's progress. Keep up the good work little guy!!!
    Love, Colleen

  4. Congratulations to fighting little Stephen! So happy to see all his milestones

  5. Lindsey and Bill,
    Stephen is an absolutely beautiful baby boy. These pictures are precious!
    Thanks for sharing.....
    PS Can't wait to see him on his first trip to Hepplewhite Drive!

  6. holy cow! girl, he is SERIOUSLY cute!!!! What amazing firsts! I shouldn't be surprised, considering what a fighter he is, but he looks so strong on his belly! precious gift from God.