Saturday, August 27, 2011


The media is having a field day with Hurricane Irene telling us we need to prepare for this giant storm that's going to shut everything down for days. Personally I think they are overreacting, per the usual, and I really hope I'm right! But preparing for a storm takes on a whole new meaning not only now that we have a baby, but a baby with special needs. I started thinking about it yesterday in terms of some of the giant blizzards we've had or if we lived some other place like New Orleans and had to weather a storm like Hurricane Katrina with Stephen. I can't imagine what we'd do! We'd obviously have to evacuate very early to make sure we got out in time with all of Stephen's equipment, but what would we do if we ran out of medical supplies? And where would we go for medical care? And how much work it would be to get new supplies shipped out! God I can't even imagine how scary and how stressful it was for people with medical needs in the Gulf!? It makes me realize I need to keep extra supplies on hand ALWAYS and to really stay on top of Stephen's medication refills...just in case. Before Stephen, Billy and I would just make sure we had some soup, bread, and booze on hand. We could figure it out as it came but now we've got so much more to think about! We'll always have to worry about medications, but hopefully the next time we get a massive blizzard or hurricane, Stephen will done with dialysis and losing power won't be such a big deal!

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  1. I'm glad that you all weathered the storm so well. I hate to say it but we actually teased at the media as well. Here in New Orleans, a category one is just looked at as a really bad thunderstorm. We are so used to them that we usually just stock up on a few supplies, get together with friends, and ride it out together playing cards with very little worry. We do board up as a precaution, but that's just because if you don't insurance gets fussy and doesn't cover damage. But like you said, things are different now. I have been watching and worrying about anything this year. With Parker still in the NICU I couldn't imagine having to transport him somewhere if a storm came this way. I will probably never look at a hurricane the same now with a special needs child. They will all be cause for concern.