Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Still Puking

I guess a lot has happened since I last posted, but at the same time, not much has happened. Sounds confusing, I know, so I'll explain. We left the hospital late Monday, had a few bad days, then a few good days, so we went back to York for Round #2, came home Sunday evening, and have had a few more bad days. Stephen just isn't feeling good. I can tell because he's not sleeping, he's whining/crying for long periods of time, and then will do the weird breathing thing until he calms down and falls asleep. Plus he's throwing up still at almost every single feed. I just think it's unacceptable for his doctors to think that it's ok that he's literally gagging and wreching and refluxing all the time. I finally had enough and called his GI doctors today and of course like I expected they can't see us until next week. And it was made known that i was very lucky they fit me in next week in the Manassas office. Ugh. So my task for this week is to find a new GI doctor. I'm so tired of them not seeing us when Stephen is sick and not figuring out what to do. Obviously the changes they made in the hospital aren't working so they need to do something else and do it ASAP! I'm putting on my "advocate armor" and taking charge! And they've GOT to figure out why he's not sleeping. He hasn't slept well consistently since the night he came home on March 3rd.

But the good news is that Stephen and I were able to finally get to my parents church in York, we had a successful trip, and we had Stephen's first speech therapy appointment on Monday which went really great! I've been trying hard to give Stephen some juice and water a couple of times everyday and attempt some solids foods here and there to hopefully get him back to taking his formula and food by mouth. Tonight after work, we tried carrots for the first time. I just couldn't resist snapping some pictures and a video of Stephen because he did such a great job with his carrots! I never thought those words would have ever come out of my mouth, but I guess that's what happens when you become a Mommy! :)

YouTube Video

If the movie doesn't show up, I'll attempt to fix it tonight.


  1. Hi Lindsey,
    The video is adorable--you're right--he loves those carrots!!! Hope you get the GI problem solved--a change of docs seem like a good move.
    Keep those posts and photos coming...
    Thoughts and prayers going out to all of you.
    Aunt LuAnn

  2. Stephen is just adorable.
    Mary Elizabeth

  3. That video brought the biggest smile to my face. Precious!