Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Date Night, Away Night

So one of things that's been keeping me super busy the past week has been getting ready for my first trip away from Stephen. My best friend Anne, got married in Lancaster, PA this past Saturday and it took me about two weeks to get ready for two nights away from Stephen. Even though it was tough, there wasn't much that would have kept me from being there to watch her walk down the aisle. Oh and since I was the Matron of Honor, I had some serious responsibilities that giving the bride and groom a toast.

I think a lot of my friends have been wandering how I handled being away from Stephen. And I'd have to say, I passed that test with flying colors. I cried for about a minute when Bill left the house with Stephen Friday morning to take him to his Mom's house, but that was the extent of my sadness/worry. That was mostly because Stephen was in such good hands both Friday and Saturday night. Bill and his Mom held down the fort Friday night and two of Stephen's nurses from the NICU, Jess and Cindy, took care of Stephen Saturday night. And then Grandma Tish took over again Sunday until we got home. Stephen's Team did awesome!!! And it was because of them that Bill and I had a total BLAST Saturday night. It was so fun to spend a night without a worry, dancing the night away in our finest. Me in my bridesmaid gown and Bill in his tux. And let me just say, I think my husband was best look guy in the room!!!! Aside from the groom, of course! :)

Thank you guys!!! I owe you big time and hope I can return the favor some day.

Here's a picture of the gorgeous bride, two other beautiful bridesmaids, and myself.


  1. Lindsey, you were all so beautiful. Your toast was magnificent! What a special day! Love you!

  2. you look amazing!!!!! i am so glad you had a wonderful weekend with your husband. Hopefully you were able to have some fun and recharge your "batteries" a little. I am sure stephen was thrilled to see his mommy and daddy on Sunday!

  3. you ALL look beautiful! ( :

  4. You are beautiful as usual and an amazing mom! You are all such and inspiration.. and BTW, where's your baby fat??? You look like you never had a baby!!!! XOXO