Monday, August 29, 2016

First Day of Kindergarten

And just like little boy is off to Kindergarten!

I've ridden a school bus a million times, just like we all have, so I don't know why I'm in such shock, but it all happened so fast!  The bus pulled up; the doors opened; the kids walked up; climbed the stairs; the doors shut; and off the bus went.  And Bill and I were just standing there on the sidewalk in total shock not sure what to think or say.  And for me; feel.  We were left totally speechless!

I had prepared myself in my head a hundred different ways on how we were going to handle the anxiety, fear, and tears that might come with the first day and getting on the bus.  We even talked about how we would walk back home calmly, get in the car with calm voices, and drive him to school if he panicked and try not to make a big deal out of not getting on the bus.  But clearly, that didn't happen!  It was more like, "see ya' Mom! I'm off to kindergarten, duh!"  And we were left totally shocked and dumbfounded!  wow.  I'm not even sure how he knew where to go or sit or what to do.  But obviously, he figured it out, because he's now been at school for an hour!

And holy moly, in the midst of writing this, I just got a call from his teacher!  I just about lost my breakfast when I heard her voice on the phone figuring something was wrong.  She was just calling to make sure he wasn't supposed to have his lunch box, and that he's buying lunch today.  He probably say all of the other kids with lunch boxes and got worried he didn't have one.  He wanted to buy lunch today and go through the lunch line with the big kids, and since it's chicken nuggets, he was doubly excited!  I guess he just forgot :)  His teacher promised him she would call me during P.E. to double check he was buying lunch and she reported that he's having a great morning!! 3 PM can't come soon enough so I can hear all about his first day!!!!

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