Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just Waiting

The biopsy yesterday went great and we're just sitting in Stephen's room waiting for the results. Stephen did a great job yesterday and charmed the pants off all of the nurses. He had a little bit of a tough time at first because he knew what was going on, but once child life brought him some cars and a ride-on car, he was over the moon. Plus, the "happy juice" the gave him to relax him worked great (until that set in and he was too loopy to ride his car and then he got really pissed!). The procedure was short and was actually done right in his room in the sedation unit and then he slept for about four hours until we were moved up to the floor and to his room.  And last night, he got to sleep in a big boy bed, instead of a crib, which was pretty cool. Thankfully, no falls out of the bed overnight.

Now, we're just sitting and waiting until we get some results and they hopefully send us on our way. Then it's back to York to pick up the dog and then home to Virginia.

Here's Mr. Happy in his cool pink car and with his "race car driver uniform and gloves."



  1. Hi Linds,
    Spoke with your Mom earlier this afternoon and we were happy to hear that everything went well. Have a safe trip back home.
    Aunt LuAnn