Friday, April 11, 2014

Beautiful Day Today

Just got back from a trip to a local park/farm this morning and wanted to share some pictures. Stephen LOVES Frying Pan Park Farm and the second we pulled in the parking lot he started shouting "Mommy, get me out!" It's such a gorgeous day and there were a lot of baby animals to see. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Lindsey,
    We can't get over how much Stephen has grown! The full length pics of him standing in front of the fence really show his growth--He looks wonderful. Uncle Dick says it is time for an airplane ride. We will have to check with your folks and arrange a weekend!! Glad you had a great day and we both wish you a Happy Easter!!!

    Love, Aunt LuAnn & Uncle Dick

  2. Hello Lindsey,

    We don't know each other. My name is Nàdia, and I'm currently 20+4 weeks pregnant. Yesterday, our baby was diagnosed with ARPKD. I would really appreciate sending you an e-mail asking you some questions, if you don't mind. Is there any way for you to contact me, or give me an e-mail address where I can reach you?
    Stephen looks great, he's a very handsome and healthy looking boy. I think your blog is the first positive piece of information (=hope) I've found today.

    Thank you so much,


    1. Hi Nadia

      I'd love to help in anyway that I can. Email me anytime at