Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tests Done and HOME!

This was us today all smiles as we got back in the car (packed full with days of clothes, toys and supplies) at CHOP and headed home:

It was an early morning drive to Philly at 5am, but by 11am, Stephen had done blood work, had a kidney ultrasound, and was seen by the nurse practioner, nephrologist and psychology. It was a busy, long morning, but by the end, they all determined, that there was no reason to keep him and we could go home. Hallelujah!! 

As I thought, his creatinine wasn't as high when we did it today at CHOP (for some weird reason, it's always higher at the lab here in Virginia) and the ultrasound didn't show any blockages or unusual things with the kidney. His red and white blood cell counts are low and the lab noted his red blood cells are enlarged, but we/they think it's all related to the cellcept; one of Stephen's major anti-rejection medications. He's always had issues with the cellcept, actually. Last Summer, after transplant, it made his white cell count incredibly low. Eventually, he stopped taking it when he became positive for the BK virus, but once he was negative for BK, they put him back on it. And it's back to causing issues. So, over the next few weeks, we'll do some more blood work and talk about using a different test for kidney function, instead of creatinine, and possibly start a new medication in place of CellCept.  

But ultimately, the good news is that we are home and Stephen did so great today with all of his tests! Personally, I think the doctors also just wanted to put their eyes on him and see that he truly is looking and acting like himself.

You tell me, does this look like a sick little boy?! I sure don't think so!! (He was so proud of his Spring hat he made at school!)


  1. Hi Lindsey,
    We spent the evening with Aunt Brenda and Uncle Tom at Aunt Alice's place. It was great to find this blog waiting for me when we got home. We are so glad everything went well today and that Superman is back at home in his own bed. Stephen looks wonderful and the hat is a hoot!!!

    Aunt LuAnn

  2. He is a very handsome boys and looks very happy. I hope you get some much needed rest. You are a very wonderful mommy.