Monday, January 7, 2013

Germs, germs, and more germs

Well we're all now infected with lots of germs in our house including poor Stephen. He's a snotty, sneezing, coughing mess and I'm just thankful I already had the germs myself or I certainly would be getting them from him now. The poor little guy has been so congested that he hasn't really been able to sleep and he's been running a fever for over 24 hours. So we're heading in to see the pediatrician in the morning. Although I'm pretty sure we've just got to let this thing run its course. And unfortunately, that's a good week. I'm still not back to normal yet myself.

And then I guess I'll need to start sanitizing the house. Fun fun.

I hope you all are able to avoid this flu!! Put yourself in a big bubble right now before its too late! :)


  1. I have just read your inspiring story, I found it while researching pkd because my son was diagnosed with this when I was 18 wks. I would love to speak with you, if this is possible please email me

  2. Dear Linds,
    Hope this passes fast...Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers while all of you recover.
    Aunt LuAnn