Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday this year in York at my parent's house with my sister, brother-in-law and their two girls.  This Easter certainly was a departure from last Easter!  This year we were able to take a deep breath and actually enjoy the day and not stress out about Stephen being in church and picking up germs.  Last Easter we had just gotten home from the hospital a few weeks prior and just three days after Easter, Stephen got his first bout of peritonitis and consequently, his first hospital admission since coming home.  We weren't sleeping, stressed out about keeping him healthy, and still learning how to figure all of this out.  And although we actually had a sleepless night Saturday night at my parent's house (Stephen got off his game a bit traveling up to PA and decided he needed to be held all night long), it was still great that we were able to pack everything up and head out of town for the night.  Of course with the no sleeping thing, we did have some moments of concern that we would have to unhook him from dialysis in the middle of the night, pack up the car, and get him to the hospital which was a little scary.  But we know that if we can calm him down, even if for short periods of time, then he doesn't need to go to the hospital.  It's only when he's completely inconsolable.  And wouldn't you know it as soon as we got up in the morning he's was happy as a clam sitting on my parent's bed watching cartoons, eating goldfish while we got ready for the church!

Unfortunately, we never got a family picture before or after church (we were running late and then Mr. Stephen crashed after church), but my Mom got a decent one of Stephen and his cousins, Norah and Chloe, after church.  The girls love him so much and only refer to Stephen as "Baby Stephen."  It's so cute!!

And here's one we snapped before church of Stephen with his Easter "basket."  The Easter bunny brought Stephen a new football along with lots of jelly beans an candy for Daddy!

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  1. So happy that you folks got to enjoy Easter this year!! We loved the photos, especially the one of the three cousins.
    Aunt LuAnn