Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Year Ago

One year ago today we received the devastating news about Stephen's kidneys. I started writing a post yesterday about October 19, 2010, detailing all of the events of that day; how we received the news, how we felt, and what we said and did, and what we did next. But as I was writing out all of the details, I got a bit overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions. So I deleted the whole thing. I relive the feelings and memories of that day and the days after almost everyday still and in some ways I need to move on and start focusing on what the future holds for Stephen, Bill, and I and stop dwelling on the past and the what ifs and what we missed. Bill's done a much better job at it than I have and I'm sure for me it will just come with more time; I hope.

So today instead of dwelling on what happened last year, I just want to thank God and who ever else answered our prayers for giving us the strength, hope, and perseverance to keep going when it seemed impossible to keep going and ultimately for answering everyone's prayers and granting us our miracle. He really is the most important and best thing I've ever done and every day I'm amazed at just how much I love him.

And in some small way, I wish our original doctors would remember what happened too and feel bad about doubting Stephen's, Bill's and my strength! Ha!

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