Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Deal!

Last week Stephen and I had a mini-vacation in York at my parent's (Mimi and Poppy) house for 4 nights while Bill was down in Memphis on a work/play trip. It was really nice to spend some extended time in York with the whole family and to have some extra sets of hands to help! Plus, it's always super fun to see Stephen and his two cousins together!!

While we were there, I got the call from CHOP we've been waiting for! We'll be going up to Philadelphia on November 17th and 18th for our appointments with the transplant team and the gastroenterologist. Over the past few days I've been in touch with the social workers and it looks like we'll be staying the Gift of Life Family House which is a brand new beautiful facility that houses patients and their families while in Philadelphia for transplant-related appointments at all of the city hospitals. The House is a program by the Gift of Life Donor Program. You can read more about the program at

In other big news, Stephen is now sitting up by himself! He says upright for extended periods of time now without falling over and is able to correct himself when he starts to wobble. It's a big milestone for him considering all of the abdominal surgery he's had. Here's a picture I snapped today sitting up on the floor playing with one of his new favorite toys. You can also tell that someone is working on a tooth!!

My Dad and I also took Stephen to the park while at home and I think I was able to snap some the cutest pictures of Stephen yet! I probably say that every time, but these ones are really really cute!!!


  1. Love the pics!!! Uncle Dick and I sure enjoyed meeting Stephen this past weekend. It was so good to hold him and see how he is thriving-Mommie's love and TLC certainly have paid off. Stephen is a miracle and one very special young man. We are excited about his appointment at CHOP. God has seen Stephen through tough times and we know he will continue to bless him and guide the doctors through his transplant surgery and post-op care.
    Love and Hugs coming your way...
    Aunt LuAnn

  2. Such a wonderful update! I could not be happier for you and stephen. I am sure your parents loved having you home..... and loved having Stephen there even more. We all continue to send positive thoughts your way and know that Stephen will be the same "superman" he always has been when it comes time for the transplant.

  3. What a phenomenal update! Love to see you guys having fun, and the news about CHOP is awesome. Love to you all!

    Still praying.

  4. Very exciting news about CHOP. Also? A friend of mine is on the board of the Gift of Life Family house! I can't wait to share with him that you'll be there.

    Welcome to too! So glad to have you there.

  5. I'm over the moon excited for you, Bill, and Stephen! Looking forward to you starting the post-transplant chapter of your lives. And adorable pics. Cutest smile ever! Praying for you every day!