Thursday, February 27, 2014

Under the Weather

Well I guess we weren't destined to escape the winter without an illness this year. Boo! Stephen has had a fever since Tuesday morning with no end in sight and the poor little guy is completely miserable (although I do like the extra cuddles). I'll be taking him back to his pediatrician tomorrow morning to see if there's anything else we can do; aside from taking him to the ER for blood work, cultures and IV fluids. And we are obviously desperately trying to avoid that scene! It started Tuesday morning with a low-grade fever and has morphed into a full-blown fever hovering between 103 and 104 for the past 48 hours. 

I got smacked with the stomach flu on Monday, so Bill took him to the doctor on Tuesday with Nannie and the doctor basically said we had to ride it out, but now that it's almost three days later and he's gotten worse, I'm pretty worried. And this will actually be our third visit to the pediatrician in a week and  a half. Last Tuesday he was at the doctors for being sent home from daycare with tummy issues! When it rains, it sure does pour! And we'll be heading to Philly on Monday for transplant clinic at CHOP. Doctors, doctors, doctors.

So if you wouldn't mind, please send some positive vibes and prayers to Stephen that he can kick this "bugs" butt and stay out of the hospital! Hopefully this is just a normal "sick kid" thing and nothing kidney/transplant related.

On a positive note though, Bill and I spent a few days last week in sunny California while Stephen had an epic sleepover at Nannie and Papa's :) Bill received a sales award for work and we were treated to a few days in Palm Springs. It was pure heaven!! We went the past three years to this event, but this was truly the first time we actually really relaxed and completely enjoyed ourselves without the constant worry of illnesses, infections, dialysis and transplant. Even with the stomach but hitting me like a freight train on the flight home, it was a totally awesome trip! 

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  1. Hi Lindsey,
    Glad you guys had a great time in California. We will be sending extra thoughts and prayers your way.
    Aunt LuAnn