Friday, January 3, 2014

3 years old!!!!!

So Lindsey and I were just sitting here, on the eve of Stephen's 3rd birthday, discussing what we were doing 3 yrs ago today.    Ironically enough we were set to meet with our OB the next day (jan 4 2011) and we had decided to tell her one way or the other this baby needs to come out.   We needed to know one way or the other what was going to happen.  We were so scared, so unsure of what was ahead of us.    So Lindsey and I are talking about this tonight, and as we are talking, Stephen came flying around the corner chasing our dog Mabel with his dump truck (a hourly occurrence in our house), and the last 3 years came rushing back to me all at once.  We live this journey with our son, and I sometimes find myself having to be reminded of things that happened, almost as if I had only read about them and not actually lived them   It was as if everything Stephen went through, everything we went through, everything our friends and family went through was just a dream.  As if this perfectly "normal" 3 yr old was never sick...  Well, unfortunately we all know it wasn't a dream, and he was sick, and he did go through a lot, but everything he went through, everything we went through is all worth it when he goes flying by with his dump truck, trying to run over the dog.    Everything he went through and we went through is worth it when he stands at the window waiting for me to come home from work, then waives at me to "come in da house daddy".  Everything he went through and everything we went through is worth it, when I see the joy in his grandparents eyes when he runs and gives them each a hug and kiss, and makes them feel like they are the most wonderful people he has ever met.  Everything he went through and everything we went through is worth it when you see him chasing after his two beautiful little cousins (Norah and Chloe).   Everything he went through and everything we went through is worth it when, this past weekend he played all day with his buddies "baby g" , caroline, and charlie. (Greg and Ashley Callen's kids) in the park , and not once was looking over his shoulder for mom and dad.  Everything is worth it when, as I am typing this I look over and Stephen and Linds are chilling on the couch watching tv together.   

I need to clarify that when I say "we" I am of course describing Lindsey and myself, but in reality I am describing everyone in our lives who have lived through his journey with us.   We are extremely fortunate people, who have had unbelievable kindness shown to our family.    I would invite everyone who has followed along with Stephen's Journey to wish him a very happy and healthy birthday tomorrow, and also take a second to toast yourself as well, as you are all part of this special boy's journey.

Lastly I need to make special mention to Stephen's angel on earth, the wonderful and beautiful Kristin Freeman, and her wonderful and supportive family (Matty, Cameryn, Cailyn ,Cassidy).   Without her, and her family's love and support, I don't know where we would be.  I won't go on and on about Kristin because I know she hates the attention, but we are kissing our little boy tonight in large part due to her and as we celebrate his birthday, we celebrate you and the gift you gave us.

Happy Birthday Little Man

Love Daddy


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHEN!!!! Your Daddy said it all!! You have made all of our lives brighter and taught us the true meaning of love and miracles.

    Aunt LuAnn and Uncle Dick

  2. No words, just tears. Happy birthday Stephen! You have no idea how loved you are. !

  3. No words.... just happy tears and a prayer today thanking God for Stephen. Happy Birthday to a true superhero!