Tuesday, August 27, 2013


No news is good news!!! We had awesome labs last week so we packed up and headed to the beach! It was a long ride down to Southport, NC, but Stephen did great (way better then Mabel), made some trucker friends along the way at a truck stop (he learned the all important "honk" symbol), and has been having so much fun exploring Nanie and Poppa's beach house.  We took him to the beach on Sunday not really sure what was going to happen, but after a few tears and about two hours of not leaving the blanket, he finally ventured down to the water; but definitely not without his dump truck! He ended up having a blast digging holes and running back and forth from the water to the beach as the waves came up. And after a while, the tide went down exposing a very wide sand bar, and he ventured out into the ocean. I'd say the beach ended up being a big success and life after transplant is soooooooo good!!

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  1. Dear Lindsey

    What a way to end the summer!! I am so happy for all of you. I know that God has something special planned for your Stephen. He has already been blessed with you for a mom. May there be endless sunny days ahead!