Thursday, April 11, 2013


I titled this post with a question mark because honestly, I'm not sure what to say....

This day was supposed to have been Stephen's transplant day. At this point in the day, God willing, Kristin would have been out of surgery long ago recovering well in the comfort of her hospital room and Stephen would have been out of surgery, off the ventilator and making lots and lots of glorious pee! But as we all know, that plan was thwarted last week.

But I got the awesome news that Stephen is now negative for EBV! His blood work from Monday came back and he's below the all important 200 threshold. Just like that.

So now transplant is back on (hallelujah)! We just don't know when yet. CHOP needs to coordinate with Penn, who needs to coordinate with Kristin and find a date that works best for them. We're game for any date, so whatever works best for Kristin and her family is what we'll go with.

And just like that, the emotions are turned upside down; yet again. But at the end of the day, it's just fantastic to know that Stephen is right where he needs to be and we can try this all again!

Happy news for a day that we weren't too sure was going to be that happy just one week ago.


  1. Very great news and so deserved for all of you.

  2. Dear Lindsey,
    This is wonderful news. We hope and pray that the transplant will happen soon and that both Stephen and Kristen will be on the way to recovery. As always, we will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!!!

    Aunt LuAnn & Uncle Dick