Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend wrap-up

Even though Stephen was sick on and off this past weekend and I think his new nephrologist (there's a new neph in the practice) would have liked us to take him to the emergency room on Friday night, we managed to do some fun, but totally normal, stuff this weekend. Between the continued diarrhea and Stephen throwing up pretty much everything, he became really dehydrated which caused his blood pressure to drop really below normal levels (he had BPs in the 50s-70s instead of around 110...yikes!). That's what prompted his doctor to want us to take him to the ER. But since we really hate the ER and they always seem to keep Stephen overnight, we decided we would manage the dehydration at home and give it a day or two to see how things went. And by this morning, the puking had subsided and we're working on getting back on track with his eating, weight, and hydration. Thank you to pedialyte!

But in the midst of that, we took Stephen for a haircut, a new pair of sneakers, to the pet store to see all of the animals, and to the bookstore for some new books. I'm embarrassed to say that I hadn't been in a Barnes & Noble in years (sorry, Anne!), and was completely shocked at how amazing their children's section is! They have an incredible section of books, board books, toys, puzzles, and games. And there were kids everywhere reading and playing. It was awesome! And Stephen had a blast looking at the books and climbing up on the stage and stools and interacting with all of the kids. There were a lot of "hi's" to all of the other kids. We had so much fun that I think Barnes & Noble will be a frequent trip for us; not to mention their weekly story times!

I actually used to take Stephen to Petco during the Summer when it was really hot to see the turtles and the fish. Kind of like a poor man's zoo :) We actaully hadn't been in awhile and I need to get a new collar tag for Mabel, so off the to "the zoo" we went. This time we didn't see any turtles, but Stephen fell in the love with the cats that were up for adoption and the dogs who were getting groomed. It's so cute seeing him "talk" to the dogs and cats and he really loves animals!

We also took him to the mall for a trim. He was in desperate need of a haircut and at the suggestion of a reader, we took him to a kids haircut place this time. Stephen did much better this time being able to watch Cars and all of the other kids and loved the lollipop he got at the end. And then Billy picked out a cool new pair of bright orange sneakers for Stephen. I probably would have never picked them out myself, but they look so cool on Stephen! And of course no trip to the mall is ever complete without a stop at Nordstrom's for a cup of coffee for Mom and Dad and some good ice for Stephen!

Here is a good before and after shot of the hair. You can see someone's mop was cute, but pretty unruly! It's a bit short, but still so cute and his hair seems to grow like a weed so I'm sure it will be back to unruly in no time!


  1. Such a handsome and astute little man! Loves his Mommy, Daddy, Mabel Dog, Elmo, books, and all animals. Who wouldn't love this guy?

    Love to all the family and hope Stephen continues to get all negative c-diff results!....Mimi & Poppa

  2. This little Superman is growing like a weed!!! What a cutie pie!! Someday you will have to bring him up to see Toby Turtle...Glad you all enjoyed the weekend.
    Aunt LuAnn

  3. It sounds like you had some good family time this weekend and made a good decision about his care. Again, you are the best! He looks adorable!