Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So sorry I forgot to update the blog after we got home on Saturday afternoon from the hospital.  I updated Stephen's Facebook page (, but forgot to update here as well.  As I mentioned, we got Saturday afternoon after much push to be released from the hospital.  We hit a few snags with trying to be discharged, but in the end, they were able to get an ultrasound of Stephen's mediport and it showed no clots in his veins, so they let us go.  But just like the last admission, there was no source of an infection found or any reason as to what was causing the high fevers. I contend it was a GI bug, in addition to the cdiff, that caused it, but there's no concrete proof.  But we're back home and he's doing fine.

The only downside has been though that he's finally got the typical c-diff symptoms with diarrhea.  Which is a huge bummer, but he's staying hydrated through his g-tube and is still eating lots of ice, so that's helping as well.  But there have been A LOT of diaper changes since Saturday and A LOT of laundry washed and A LOT of bleach being used around the house.  I think I need to buy some stock in Clorox at this point!!

For now it's just wait and see if the fevers come back and hopefully we'll stay hospital-free for a while! At least until after the New Year and somebody's 2nd birthday!!!


  1. Glad to here that Superman if feeling better and awaiting Santa Claus...
    Aunt LuAnn

  2. I am so sympathetic w the cdiff. I still have a spray bottle of bleach and water under our sink!