Monday, October 15, 2012

New Digs

Lots of things happening in our house this week...none of which have to do with doctor appointments or kidney-related things.  Unless of course we get the call from CHOP, than all other things shall cease!  But in any case, we've decided to take the leap and move out to the suburbs!  It's been a really tough decision, as you know, but we decided to be realistic and smart about things and will be renting a home out in South Riding, Virginia until Stephen gets his transplant and we get our feet under ourselves again.  If we didn't live in such a high-cost area of the country, it wouldn't have been such a hard decision, but because house prices are so astronomical here, we couldn't justify purchasing a home when Stephen's transplant expenses are going to be so costly and also so unknown.  We could potentially have to relocate to Philadelphia for weeks, if not months, depending on how his (and maybe my) surgery go and adding financial stress on top of the kind of stress that having a sick child brings, is just not something we want to have to deal with.

But we desperately needed more space and some breathing room and found a perfect little home that will meet all our needs.  Even down to the desire to be able to walk places like the grocery store, a coffee shop, and parks like we do right now.  And even more ironic is the fact that the people who own the home have a little boy that also has special needs.  And the best part....Bill's office is only a few miles from our new home versus the 26 mile/50 minute commute he has now.  It just ended up being the perfect situation for us right now and I'm so excited to start a new chapter in our lives!!!

So, I've been spending the past week and half packing up the past 7 years of our lives from our condo.  Living in less than 1,100 square feet has come with some challenges, and I some how managed to squeeze stuff into every nook and cranny of this place!  So there's been A LOT of packing to do.  But we've taken a few trips out to the new house and gotten a lot of boxes and various things out there.  Including some new, big boy toys for Stephen!!  We now will have the space to set-up a whole playroom for him, and I'm so excited to be able to get him all the toys he needs to keep progressing in his gross motor, speech, and feeding skills.

But we of course are really going miss being so close to DC (we're only 2-3 miles from the city right now) and other cool places.  Last night we took advantage of our close proximity and the beautiful weather and took Stephen downtown to see some of the monuments on the National Mall.  His favorite part about it...watching the airplanes fly over head on their decent into Washington Reagan.  Stephen's really big into airplanes right now and I'm happy that we'll be moving from one airport to another.  Our new house will be very close to Dulles airport.  Every time he sees or hears an airplane, he points up to the sky and says, "plane!"  It's so cute!!


  1. Sounds like a happy decision for all of you. Wishing you good health and happiness in your new home.

  2. Welcome to this area (I am in Centreville). We moved out here from Arlington when our daughter was 6 months... Arlington is awesome for singles and childless adults, but this area is awesome for young families. There is a bunch to do out here... Cox, Ticonderoga, Reston Zoo, etc.

  3. Hi Linds,
    Uncle Dick and I spent the day in Allentown as we both had appointments. After having lunch, Uncle Dick said he wanted to stop into the hobby shop for some supplies. Ironically it said "I got to get to work on Stephen's airplane. He is older now and will be able to appreciate it."
    It is wonderful to know that Stephen will have a new playroom to hang his plane. I can only imagine how happy you all are having more space and being able to enjoy all the benefits of a large home in the burbs.
    A new home and hopefully and new kidney for Superman would make the upcoming Christmas a time for celebrations!
    Aunt LuAnn

  4. Beautiful Day, Beautiful Capital, Beautiful Family, Beautiful New Beginnings. You all deserve the very Best.

    Hope that Beautiful New Kidney comes soon. He is so "on target" and ready.

    All our love ...... Mimi & Popa Noll

  5. I hope that you find that you LOVE subrurban life!!!! We also sold our house and started renting, when we learned that Jackson would be born with kidney issues. I think it was the best decision we made!!!!! Can't wait until you get that call from CHOP!!!!!