Monday, February 27, 2012

Thursday ER Trip

Oh what a crazy week and weekend it's been!! Wednesday morning was spent in the pediatricians office and then in dialysis clinic for a few hours. Thursday was spent back at the nephrologists office and then in the ER. And then Friday night and Saturday, Bill and I were both infected with the plague aka the stomach flu.

I wrote up a whole post about Stephen's ordeal while we were in the ER, but of course my phone ate it. It's just the kind of week it's been. All while we're trying to get ready for our trip.

The shortish version of the story is that we realized last week at CHOP that Stephen's blood pressure has been high. So at dialysis clinic, the doctor thought that it was probably because he's retaining fluid and possibly getting too much sodium from both his solid food intake and from the sodium supplement he gets in his formula. So she cut out his supplement and put him on a salt restricted diet and switched his dialysis fluid to a stronger concentration to pull off more fluid that night.

When I picked Stephen up Thursday morning out of his crib, I instantly knew something was wrong. His eyes were sunken and he immediately began gagging and throwing up. Basically, he got over dialysed Wednesday night and got super dehydrated. I tried to give him extra fluids in his peritoneum and belly at home, but it didn't work. He kept throwing up and was just so sick! My mom was visiting, so we packed up some of his things and took him to the doctors to see what they could do before we took him to the hospital.

Nephrology tried giving him some more fluids in his peritoneum and some IV too, but that didn't work either. He became more agitated and continued to throw up, so they sent us to the ER. By this point I'd say he had thrown up more than 10 times since that morning.

Once in the ER, they were able to give him some anti-nausea drugs, more IV fluids, and check his electrolytes. Eventually the poor little guy calmed down and fell asleep and was finally able to keep some pedialite down. And since his electrolytes looked good, they sent us home. Thank god!!!

Oh and I can't forget to mention my "Mom of the Year" moment where I caught Stephen's g-tube extension on the edge of the chair and yanked his button right out. A winning moment in the front of all the doctors and nurses for sure.

Stephen is slowly but surely getting back to normal. This morning was the first morning he was able to take his full feed at a normal rate. But he's been super irritable. I'm thinking it's a combination of the four teeth coming in and the fact that he's frustrated because he still can't move on his own. He's getting really good at standing, but still no crawling or walking. Mimi taught him this great new trick of standing up in his crib and holding onto the side. Way to go Mimi! :)

On a different note, Bill and I are back to normal and scrambling tonight to get packed and get everything ready to leave Stephen for a few days. My goal for the trip is to relax, unwind, refresh, and to have a couple of cocktails at the pool. This will be the first time that Bill and I will get away together for more than 3 days since our honeymoon! Kinda pathetic, but that just makes us all the more excited for vacay!!!

Have a great week and hopefully I'll have some cute photos to share of Stephen from the Grandma Team while we're away!

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