Saturday, November 26, 2011


So I have to apologize for surprising everyone with the news we were back in the hospital and then not updating at all with what was going on. Wednesday was an insanely long day and Bill and I never got to sleep Tuesday night and didn't get to catch any zzz's until Wednesday night when we got home from the hospital. Then Thursday was another long day (and an emotional roller coaster for me with Stephen in the hospital on Thanksgiving day) and by Friday morning, we were getting the news that we could go home. So it was a whirlwind of a few days.

Basically, Stephen had/has peritonitis and because he made sure to tell us, we were able to catch it quick enough that it didn't get too bad. It was bad enough obviously to cause a hospitalization in the PICU, but not as bad as it was back in April. We're still treating him with three types of antibiotics in his dialysis fluid at home, but he's 100% better. Although unlike the last time, he was in A LOT of pain this time around. They had to gave him both Tylenol and a narcotic pain killer to make him comfortable and so that he could sleep. But by the time we reached his room Friday morning, he was back to his normal self and feeling well enough that we could take some laps around the PICU in a cool car.

Here are some pics of the big guy when he was feeling pretty good. And each day he seems to be feeling better and his dialysis output gets clearer, meaning the infection is getting wiped out. And hopefully tomorrow we'll get confirmation as to what type of bug Stephen got.


  1. Hi Guys,
    Stephen looks terrific. He has grown since we met him in York just a few weeks ago. Thank God you caught the infection before it became too advanced. We'll be keeping you all in our thoghts and prayers.
    Aunt LuAnn and Uncle Dick

  2. So glad he's doing better! He's such a cutie-pie!